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Wing Foil Kite Surfing Hydrofoil Inflatable Wing (No Window)

Wing Foil Kite Surfing Hydrofoil Inflatable Wing (No Window)

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Experience the ultimate thrill of wing foiling and kite surfing with our Wing Foil Kite Surfing Hydrofoil Inflatable Wing. This high-performance wing is designed for maximum efficiency and control, allowing you to ride the wind and waves with ease. With a generous area of 5 square meters and a size of 350*200 cm, this wing provides optimal lift and stability for an exhilarating ride. The lightweight design of just 2.5 kg ensures easy handling and maneuverability on the water. Included in the package are the wing itself, a convenient backpack for easy transportation, an air pump for quick and hassle-free inflation, and a wrist leash for added safety. Whether you're a seasoned pro or a beginner looking to take your water sports to the next level, our Wing Foil Kite Surfing Hydrofoil Inflatable Wing is the perfect companion for your adventures. Elevate your water sports experience with Sail Smart Outlet's premium-quality wing foil kite surfing hydrofoil.



Area: 5 square meters;

size: 350*200 cm;

weight: 2.5 kg.

Package includes: Wing *1, Backpack *1, Air pump *1, Wrist leash *1



Lightweight onvenient to store and transport;

Aerodynamic and well balanced, easy to maneuver;

Drop stitch construction, rigid and powerful;

Double independent inflation/deflation system with quick air flow valve;

Transparent TPU window design (optional), wide visibility;

Customizable, we can do your own colors and even your own logo, etc.


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