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Sea Marine Pivoting Compass Electronic Navigation with LED & Sunshade

Sea Marine Pivoting Compass Electronic Navigation with LED & Sunshade

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Enhance your marine navigation with the Sea Marine Pivoting Compass. This advanced electronic compass features LED illumination and a sunshade for clear visibility in any lighting condition. With its precise and accurate readings, you can confidently navigate through the waters. The pivoting design allows for easy installation and adjustment to ensure optimal viewing angles. Upgrade your boat's navigation system with this reliable and efficient compass. Discover the Sea Marine Pivoting Compass and other essential marine equipment at Sail Smart Outlet.

Professional Compass Sea Marine Military Electronic Boat Vehicle Car Compass Navigation Positioning High Precision LED Night Light

Feature :

- LED illuminated pivoting compass

- Adjustable Mounting Bracket , Adjustable Sun Visor

- Corrosion Resistant , Waterproof, durable and long lasting

- Built in Accuracy compensators Windshield or Dash Mount

- Compass with Mounting screw slot , 5 degree graduations

- Multi-function Compass, Magnetic Declination adjustment, 12V LED lights for night

Package Included:

1x Professional Compass

Due to the interference of magnetic objects in the car, the compass will appear deviation, this product has adjustment andcorrection device.The steps are as follows:

North-south deviation adjustment

A: Park the vehicle in the north-south direction.(The front is pointing north )
E: Choose your convenient viewing and relatively less interference from the car location of the compass..
C: Place the compass in a certain position and observe the red indicator. The red indicator line should be aligned to thenorth without interference from the magnetic field inside the vehicle. Iin the case of interference by the magnetic field inside thecar, the red indicator line will deviate from the north. At this time, insert the adjustment piece into the north-south adjustmenthole and rotate to align the north and red indicator on the dial.

East-west deviation adjustment

A: Park the vehicle in the east-west direction (front facing east)
B: when the red indicator of the compass is not aligned with the east on the dial, insert the adjusting key piece into the thingurn the key piece in the adjusting hole to align the east of the dial with the red scale.Third in order to improve the accuracy can berepeatedly adjusted according to the above method.


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