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PFD Automatic Inflatable Life-saving Belt 100N Life Vest Self-inflatable

PFD Automatic Inflatable Life-saving Belt 100N Life Vest Self-inflatable

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ATTENTION: 24g carbon dioxide cylinders cannot be shipped due to air transportation policy. This project does not include carbon dioxide cylinders, I hope you understand, thank you!

Introducing the PFD Automatic Inflatable Life-saving Belt 100N, a crucial safety accessory for boating and water activities. This self-inflatable life vest offers reliable buoyancy of 100N, ensuring your safety in case of emergencies. With its automatic inflation mechanism, it activates upon contact with water, providing immediate flotation support. The adjustable belt design allows for a comfortable and secure fit, suitable for various body sizes. Crafted with high-quality materials, this life-saving belt is built to withstand the rigors of the marine environment. Elevate your safety on the water with the PFD Automatic Inflatable Life-saving Belt 100N, available at Sail Smart Outlet.

1) 24 gram CO2 air Cylinder. CCS approved
2) Bladder Base Materials: 600D PU Coated 100% Polyester material
3) Plastic Tube attached for air manually charging
4) Strong quick releasing line with handle for a reliable manual operating
5) ISO12402-8 Plastic emergency Whistle is provided
6) Adjustable belts is adapted to various size of wearers
1) Buoyance: >100N to provide all of the safety and security of a standard foam-filled personal floatation buoy ring when air is charged
2) Buoyance keeping: 24 hours in fresh water, less than 5%
3) Wearer drop from 4.5m to water: No hurt, and no damage to Life jacket
4) Inflating automatically in water or manually with pull the line

1.when you first use it please do not use mouth to infloatable lifejacket incase the automatic charging device has to work. It is very dangerous because the lifejacket will be danmaged
2.This lifejacket can work both automaticly and manually

Mouth-blown inflatable:With the mouth to the inflatable tube inflatable lifejacket can full of gas
Automatic inflation: After drowning, automatic inflation device will automatically inflatablewithin 5 seconds(you need to buy Co2 cylinder)
Manual inflation:Hand rope will stimulate the inflator to inflatable lifejacket (you need to buy Co2 cylinder)

2 kinds of air charging methods   


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