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High Elastic Ball Bands - Shock Cord Bungees

High Elastic Ball Bands - Shock Cord Bungees

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Enhance the stability and versatility of your outdoor tent with these 10pcs Tent High Elastic Ball Bands. Made from durable rubber, polypropylene, and PP materials, these bungee cords are wear-resistant and offer long-lasting elasticity. Each cord features a ball head with a diameter of 27mm, ensuring a secure grip and easy attachment to various anchor points. With a rope diameter of 4mm and a length of 15cm, these bands are suitable for bundling and securing outdoor tent equipment. Their special knotting method ensures tight and reliable fastening, providing peace of mind during outdoor adventures. Lightweight and compact, you can easily carry multiple cords in your backpack. Whether you're camping, hiking, or participating in outdoor events, these bungee cords are essential for securing your tent and gear.


  • Type: Tent High Elastic Ball Bands
  • Size: Length 15cm, Rope diameter 4mm, Ball diameter 27mm
  • Material: Rubber, Polypropylene, PP
  • Quantity: 10pcs
  • Function: Suitable for outdoor tents, bundle things
  • Features: Wear-resistant, full of elasticity, lightweight, compact
  • Notice: Actual color may vary slightly due to monitor differences; Please allow minor deviation due to manual measurement


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