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GPS Marine Satellite Positioning Antenna 30dB Gain

GPS Marine Satellite Positioning Antenna 30dB Gain

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6XDB Marine Use GPS Mushroom Antenna Navigation Device Positioning Antenna for Boat Easy Installation Antenna

Upgrade your marine navigation system with our high-performance GPS Marine Satellite Positioning Antenna. With an impressive 30dB gain, this antenna ensures reliable and accurate satellite positioning for your vessel. Whether you're cruising, fishing, or engaging in water sports, this antenna will enhance your navigational capabilities, providing precise location data and improving overall safety. The durable construction and waterproof design make it suitable for any marine environment. Experience the benefits of advanced satellite positioning technology and elevate your boating adventures. Shop the GPS Marine Satellite Positioning Antenna at Sail Smart Outlet today and sail with confidence.

brand new and high quality
Voltage standing wave ratio:≤1.5.
Bandwidth ±10 MHz.
ImpedanceImpendence:50 Ω.
Amplification gain LNA Gain(Without cable):30dB.
Noise figureNoise Figure:≤1.5.

Size:As Picture Shown
DC voltageDC Voltage:3.0~5.0V DC
Working Temperature:-30℃~+65℃
DC current:≤30mA
Net Weight:360g

Package Includes:
1x Navigation Antenna


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