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Fire Fighting Blanket Fire Extinguisher

Fire Fighting Blanket Fire Extinguisher

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Ensure safety on your boat with our Fire Fighting Blanket. Designed for quick and effective response to small fires, this blanket is an essential addition to your onboard safety equipment. The fire-resistant material acts as a barrier, suffocating flames and preventing their spread. Compact and easy to store, this blanket is perfect for boats, RVs, and other confined spaces. Be prepared for emergencies and protect yourself and your vessel. Shop now at Sail Smart Outlet and prioritize safety on the water. A fire blanket is a crucial safety tool designed to extinguish small fires or wrap around a person in case of a fire emergency. Made from flame-resistant materials, it provides a quick and effective way to smother flames and minimize the spread of fire. Compact and easy to use, a fire blanket is an essential addition to any home, workplace, or vehicle, offering peace of mind and protection when seconds count. Stay prepared and safeguard your surroundings with a reliable fire blanket.


1. Fix or place the fire blanket on a wall that is visible and quickly accessible or in a drawer.

2. When the fire house, quickly remove the blanket, holding two black pull the two hands.

3. Gently shake the fire blanket, as a shield-like in your hand

4. The fire blanket gently covered in the flame, while cutting off the power or origin.

5. Fire blankets continue to cover the objects on fire and take active measures to extinguish fire until the objects are completely extinguished.

6. When the fire object is extinguished, it should be treated as non-burnable garbage after the fire blanket is cooled down.

7. If the person is on fire, shake the blanket, completely wrapped in the fire who put out the fire source, and quickly call emergency number

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