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MPPT Solar Charge Controller with LCD Display and Dual USB Ports

MPPT Solar Charge Controller with LCD Display and Dual USB Ports

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Enhance your solar power system with the MPPT Solar Charge Controller. This controller features industrial-grade master chip technology with precise 16 AD sampling accuracy, providing real-time display of temperature, charging current, and discharge current. Its automatic focusing MPPT tracking charging ensures high charging efficiency, with bidirectional tracking for optimal performance. The large-screen LCD display allows for adjustable charging and discharging parameters, making it easy to customize settings for your battery. With complete three-phase charge management and built-in protection against overheating, overcurrent, short circuits, and reverse connection, your battery is well protected. The bidirectional MoS tube anti-backflow circuit ensures ultra-low heat and high-power charging. The controller also includes a variety of functions such as reverse polarity protection, low battery voltage cut-off, and thunder protection. Package includes the solar charge controller and user manual.


  • Rated Voltage: 12/24V
  • Rated Current: 30/40/50/60/100A
  • Max. PV Voltage: 50V
  • Max. PV Input Power: 750W (12V) / 1500W (24V)


  1. Maintains battery at fill voltage condition
  2. Prevents over-charging and over-discharging
  3. Protects against reverse charging from solar panels
  4. Reverse polarity protection for battery and solar panels
  5. Automatically cuts off load when battery voltage is low
  6. Includes thunder protection and temperature compensation for charging voltage


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